Chicago Location Scouting Tips for Cinematographers

Whether you are shooting a music video, narrative film, or a commercial project - the shooting location will impact every aspect of your image. Chicago has a vibrant urban culture with many great locations to offer - so we’ve put together a few important tips for your next location scout through the Windy City. Read more…

RED Camera Comparison Guide

RED cameras are some of the most coveted gear in the industry. If you’re thinking of buying or renting a RED camera, it’s best to be familiar with every model & every sensor. Read our complete RED camera comparison guide today!

Camera Brand Comparison

In order to find the perfect camera for your upcoming film, you’ll need a complete understanding of the different camera brands. Read our quick camera brand comparison to find out which brand is perfect for your next film!

Independent Film Budget Breakdown

Filmmaking is pricey. And doing it on a budget may seem nearly impossible at some points. But a lot of indie filmmakers out there don’t have a choice other than operating on a tight budget.

Guide to Renting Camera Lenses in Chicago

If you’re newer to filmmaking, chances are you have no idea where to start when it comes to camera lens rental. You’ve probably had endless questions such as what focal length do I need? What brand lens is best for me? Will a Nikon lens rental or a Canon lens rental be best for me?

Renting Film Equipment in Chicago

Film equipment rental in Chicago is easier than you may think. Read now for the complete guide to renting film equipment in Chicago!