Launching a filmmaking career is no easy task. A lot of people think all it takes is moving to LA, making a few connections, and you’re in after a year or two of hard work. That’s rarely ever the case.

Launching a filmmaking career takes guts, courage, grit and most importantly dedication. As a young filmmaker, you need to be 100% in and ready to dedicate every ounce of your spirit to making your filmmaking dreams come true.

If you’re just getting started in filmmaking, we have a few tips for you...

Develop Your Writing Skills Early On

A feature film is only as good as its writing. Writing is truly the foundational force behind any film no matter how big or how small. It shapes everything there is about a film.

In order to make your film stand out, you need to develop your writing skills. It’s not enough to know how to direct a film, you need to know how to guide that film all the way through to its resolution. Developing great screenplay writing skills will help you craft an otherwise mundane storyline into a masterpiece.   

If you learn how to write your own screenplay early on, you’ll have the power to create immersive, original content. Writing gives you an advantage that many filmmakers have yet to even touch.

Invest in Yourself


As a young filmmaker, it’s incredibly important to invest in yourself. Educating yourself and investing in proper equipment will open up endless opportunities. We’re not saying you have to head off to film school but watching a few tutorials and reading through forums will do wonders. Investing in equipment can do a great measure too but if you’re just starting out, we recommend you rent film equipment first so you can get a feel for your preferences.

We live in an age where you can learn almost anything on YouTube. YouTube holds wonders that you cannot even imagine as a filmmaker. Try to watch at least one YouTube filmmaking tutorial a day. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn over time.

Success Takes Time

Becoming a successful director does not happen overnight. We wish we could inform you otherwise, but the key to launching a film career is patience. Chances are you’ll have to work as a PA for a while before you get the opportunity to start making films on your own.

Be patient and stick with it. Don’t give up at the first sign of failure.  As we stated before, launching a filmmaking career takes dedication - and dedication and patience go hand-in-hand.

Be Fearless

As a young filmmaker, it’s crucial that you don’t hold anything back. Be fearless out there and follow through on every great idea that comes to mind. No idea is stupid.

Try that new angle. Speak up in a group if you think of a better approach to a scene. Start making your crazy ideas come to life. Never hold back.

Get Involved in the Filmmaking Community in Your Area


One of the best pieces of advice we can give to people launching filmmaking careers is to get involved in the filmmaking community in your area. It’s crucial to network and make connections. The filmmaking world is a very tightly packed community and chances are you’ll need a bit of help to get your first big break.

To give yourself even more of an advantage, seek out a mentor. Find someone you truly, genuinely look up to in your local filmmaking community and seek out their advice. Observe their processes and learn from them. Mentors are an amazing resource for any filmmaker, no matter how old you are.

There you have it! Those are our 5 tips for launching a filmmaking career. Overall, be courageous, dedicated, invest in yourself, and you’ll be on your way.

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