As a new filmmaker, Chicago is one of the best locations. There’s endless filmmaking potential. From beautiful filming locations to film education, Chicago is a one-stop-shop for filmmakers. Not to mention Chicago now houses the largest studios outside of Hollywood. As the community grows, so do the opportunities this city presents.

It is THE destination for indie film in the Midwest. Here we’ll discuss everything you need to know about filmmaking in Chicago.

Film Education in Chicago

If you’re just starting out in filmmaking, you could probably use a few tips. Seeking out a film education or a filmmaking class is a good place to start. Luckily for you, there’s a plethora of film education resources throughout Chicago.

Columbia College, DePaul University, Second City - the list goes on. Many of these locations offer either trial classes or one-off classes that help you learn without committing to a 4-year education. And if you are looking for a bigger commitment, a 4-year film school education will more than prepare you for a life of film production.

Chicago Film Communities

When you’re just starting off in the filmmaking realm of Chicago, it’s best to dive head-first into a filmmaking community. It’s the best way to find a mentor and a group of people to share ideas with and even collaborate with one day.

Communities like the previously mentioned Second City, Cinespace, Stage 18, 2112, and more are the perfect place to get your foot in the door. By branching out into these Chicago filmmaking communities, it’s easy to find people with the same interests and further your filmmaking career.  

Popular Chicago Film Locations

Once you’re comfortable enough in the Chicago filmmaking scene to actually start creating your own film, you can finally begin to appreciate the endless selection of unique filming locations that Chicago has to offer.

A few of the most beautiful places you can shoot your film in Chicago are:

  • Lincoln Park
  • North Avenue Beach
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Chicago Botanical Gardens
  • Chicago Riverwalk
  • Union Station
  • And more

Chicago is an endless center for filming locations found nowhere else in the country. The potential is immeasurable.

Getting Started As A Filmmaker in Chicago

The first step to getting started as a filmmaker in Chicago is getting the proper equipment. Eleven04 makes equipment rental headache-free. We offer industry leading film equipment for Chicago indie and introductory filmmakers that is within everyone’s budget. To get started, simply browse through our selection of film rental equipment today!

We wish you the best of luck on your Chicago filmmaking adventure!