Chicago is a huge hub for indie film production. With some of the brightest minds located here in the city, there are endless indie film production resources available within walking distance. Chicago attracts bright creatives dedicated to producing high-quality indie films.

If you’re looking to produce an independent film of your own and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Start by seeking out an independent film production company that can bring your vision to life. Here is Eleven04’s list of the top indie film production companies located in Chicago:

Lakeview Productions

Topping the list is one of Chicago’s most known production companies, Lakeview Productions. Lakeview Productions was established in 2003 and is still based in Chicago but has expanded their services to serve Los Angeles and Atlanta. Lakeview Productions has worked with huge names like A1 Steak Sauce, the Chicago Bears, HBO, and more.

Lakeview Productions prides themselves on being geeks at heart. They’re dedicated to producing high-quality video content so your project will come out exactly as expected.

Rough Cut Films

Rough Cut Films is newer to the game than our previously mentioned production company, but they have a lot of experience to offer in the indie realm. Rough Cut Films not only is dedicated to creating, producing, and delivering great indie content but offers unique value in their ability to understand the current trends and transformations within the film industry.

Rough Cut Films was created in 2014 to produce the indie film, DEAD GIRLS. The company now works with macro and low-budget productions to make production possible for smaller films. 


Blair Holmes Productions Inc.

Blair Holmes Production Inc. is one of the oldest names in Chicago indie film production. Blair Holmes opened their doors nearly 20 years ago and has worked with clients such as Disney, Animal Planet, the MLB, and more. Don’t be intimidated by these big names because Blair Holmes also specializes in independent film production.

Blair Holmes “can work with bid ideas that aren’t on a big budget”. They understand that not every filmmaker can spend millions on production, so they tailor their services to fit smaller budgets.

Sterling Rock Productions

Sterling Rock is another staple Chicago independent film production company. Headed by Executive Producer Grace McPhillips, Sterling Rock Productions produces positive independent films about women, literature, and history. They work through innovative means to fund films, even fully funding their first feature, The Other One, solely through social media crowd-funding.

Sterling Rock Productions is one of Chicago’s leading independent film production companies. We’re excited to see what they have in store for the upcoming years.

As you can see, Chicago is a concentrated hub of genius independent production companies. If you’re a filmmaker or just looking to get more involved in the indie scene, Chicago is the spot for you. On the other hand, if you’re in need of equipment to produce your own independent film, browse through our selection of affordable and advanced film equipment today!