It’s no easy task but you have come a long way to finally walk in your commencement. We were like you once, so we understand the challenge of balancing school classes during the week and set life on the weekends, and we believe you have done a good job to deserve your diploma.

Graduation is a joyous occasion, although it also means it could be harder for a lot of us to continue making films, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a lot of opportunities in Chicago for filmmakers. We have compiled a list of resources for you so that you can keep creating!

Crew Calls

Here’s a list of Productions that are currently filming and looking for casting and crew. Please email the contact below with your inquiries.

Chicago Fire



Chicago MED


Extras: Facebook Chicago Med Extras

Chicago PD


Extras:    Email:    Text Line: 312.487.1619




Mix Tape






indie filmmaker resources

Besides these direct contacts to the specific show or film, you can also list yourself on ProductionHUB for more crewing opportunities. Crew Me Up and Staff Me Up are also two great resources to look for crew calls. Story Hunter is also a resource website to list yourself onto as a talent, and you can look for freelance jobs on there.

If you want to have more direct communication within the filmmaker community, there are many groups for crewing on Facebook that you check out.

Crew Up Chicago Film This group is an open space specifically designed for people to find crew for paid film shoots in the Greater Chicago Area.

Chicago Filmmaker Network this group was created to serve as a general collective platform for aspiring Chicago filmmakers to have an easy and accessible network for each other.

Chicago Filmmakers Group This is a group for local Chicagoan filmmakers to collaborate

Chicago Indie Film Makers This is a group for independent filmmakers to post casting calls and crew calls.

Chicago Film & Broadcast Work Forum This is a group for sourcing crew positions for jobs within the film & broadcast community of Chicago.

If you are looking for more film-related resources from Chicago Film Office, you can check out their website here.
If you are looking for more film-related resources from the Illinois Film Office, you can check out their Production Guide here.