EDELKRONE sliderplus pro 17" SLIDER

Daily: $32  |  Weekly: $160

The SliderPLUS PRO Medium from Edelkrone uses the same unique tracking mechanism found in the SliderPLUS V2, which allows the rails of the slider to move with the camera when mounted on a tripod. This gives the slider 19.2" of sliding range in a unit that is only 17.2" long. Featuring a stronger structure that the SliderPLUS V2, the PRO Medium can support higher load capacities up to 30 lb pounds, for use with professional camera setups. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel, as it takes of up less room in your camera bag than other sliders with a similar sliding range.


  • Edelkrone SliderPLUS Pro 17" Slider

  • Edelkrone Steady Module

  • Manfrotto Fluid Head