Quasar Crossfade 2ft x 4 Light Kit (1)

Daily: $45  |  Weekly: $225

Quasar Tubes inside Kino-Flo Shells. The Quasar Diva Kit is just like the old Kino-Flo Diva lights but with four 2’ Quasar Crossfade tubes replacing the old Kino single-color-temp tubes of the past. Easily dial in any color temp between 2000°K - 6000°K to get creative or match sources - and all without lugging around inconvenient ballasts or extra tubes.

The Quasar Crossfade tubes are flicker free, rated at 95+ CRI, and compatible with most dimming systems.


  • 2' Crossfade Quasar Tubes (x4)

  • 2' 4-Bank Kino-Flo Shell

  • Kino Flo Mounting Backplate with 3/8" Pin

  • Individual Power Adaptor (x4) (1 Per Tube)

  • Cluster Power Adaptor for 4 Tubes

  • Kino-Flo 2x4 Soft Case