RED Raven

Daily: $200  |  Weekly: $1000

Suited for lightweight configurations like handheld, drone, or gimbal use, the RED RAVEN BRAIN 4.5K camera with EF Mount features the DRAGON 9.9MP CMOS sensor. The compact yet durable RAVEN weighs in at 3.5 pounds, and features a robust, cinematic 16.5+ stops of dynamic range.

The RAVEN offers you the choice of recording 4.5K, Full Format video at up to 120 fps, or for higher-speed shots, 2K Full Format at up to 240 fps. Recording codecs include the proprietary REDCODE RAW (R3D), Apple ProRes, and Avid DNxHD. Options include recording proxy files only, or capturing in REDCODE RAW (R3D) and Apple ProRes simultaneously.


  • RED Raven Brain

  • Designated EF Mount

  • DSMC2 Universal Top Handle

  • DSMC2 Outrigger Handle

  • RED DSMC2 Touch 4.7" LCD

  • Red Mini Mag 480GB x2

  • RED Mini Mag Reader + Assorted Cables

  • AC power adapter

  • 2x Anton Bauer Cine 90 Batteries

  • Anton Bauer Dual V-mount Charger

  • Hard Case