Daily: $150  |  Weekly: $750

The RED Scarlet Dragon 6Kis a completely flexible device, utilizing HDRx and interchangeable PL or EF lens mounts. Shoot motion video and stills images at 6K resolution up to 12 frames per second, or up to 48 frames per second at 5K. With the convergence of cinema and photography, SCARLET provides all the tools necessary for filmmakers and photographers alike.  The camera brings your images to life with 6K footage that will change the way you look at motion. No matter if you're shooting a feature film or web content to go side-by-side with your stills, you will be working with crisp REDCODE RAW files that give you ultimate freedom and control when finished. SCARLET DRAGON 6K harnesses the power to bring life to imagery and imagery to life.

Both EF and PL mounts are available for this camera.


  • RED Scarlet Dragon 6K Body

  • RED 5" Touch Screen

  • RED EF or PL Mount

  • RED 128GB Mini Mag (x2)

  • RED Mag Reader

  • RED Lemo Power Supply

  • RED Lemo Monitor Cable

  • RED RedVolt (x4)

  • RED Station AC Power Adapter (x2)

  • Wooden Camera A-Box