Daily: $60  |  Weekly: $300

The Socanland Nova-CTD brings twice the LEDs and twice the wattage of the D-50CTD/50CTD. The original Socanland 1x1 is 50W, this light is 100W, giving you an extremely high output of 6,840lux @ 1m. The fantastic part about the Nova-CTD is that it uses 60 Degree LED's rated at a CRI of 95 resulting in a very soft, even, throw. Other manufacturer's high-output lights achieve their light intensity by using spot LED's at 45 degrees rather then 60. Not only is the light brighter, it also covers a wider area. 

The NOVA-CTD features a Digital Screen that shows you your current color temperature in kelvins and brightness level from 0-255. The digital screen is great when trying to re-create lighting scenes. It can also be valuable when making sure that multiple lights have the same color temperature.


  • Socanland CTD Nova 100W LED (x2)

  • Power Cable & AC Brick

  • Diffusion Panels (x2)

  • Barn Doors (x2)

  • Soft Case (x1)