Rycote Super Blimp

Daily: $10  |  Weekly: $50

The Super-Blimp NTG from Rycote is a complete windshield and shock-mounting system for shotgun microphones. The kit provides patented Lyre Technology and a broadcast industry basket to protect against shocks, vibrations, and wind noise—all with acoustic transparency. A Windjammer, designed to slip over the basket, protects against extreme wind noise.

A Rycote 90° Shortie XLR connector is situated inside the basket, complete with an integral RF shield to protect against the kind of dirty audio attributed to radio interference. Furthermore, a boom adapter and pistol grip handle are included with the unit. Releasing the microphone from the basket is easy thanks to its quick-release pods.

*Does not include mic


  • Rycote Blimp

  • Handle

  • Pole Base

  • BaseWindjammer + Brush

  • Bag