Daily: $55  |  Weekly: $275

As great as a gimbal stabilizer is, they sure make your arms tired. The Tiltamax Armor-Man 2 is designed to take the weight off your arms, allowing for an entirely different experience.
The Armor-Man supports any gimbal with dual handgrips, including the Tilta Gravity, Freefly MoVI, and DJI Ronin. Its core components are a body vest and two spring-loaded arms that securely snap into the vest. Simply mount the gimbal on the arms, and operate it free of weight stress and with significantly improved stability. It will be more like steering the gimbal than actually holding it. Now you can boom the gimbal down as far as possible to the ground, with your focus more on the shot than on the weight of the gimbal.


  • Multi-functional adjustable vest

  • Balance support cups for 3-axis gimbal system (L/R)

  • Spring arms (L/R)

  • Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters (L/R)

  • High-strength waterproof safety case